Zumberge Hall (ZHS)

Zumberge Hall is the headquarters for USC's Department of Earth Sciences as well as the Southern California Earthquake Center.

3651 Trousdale Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 90089


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Judy Mar

Judy Mar left a review 11/7/2016

I missed this event. Sorry..

Georgiann Keller

Georgiann Keller left a positive review 8/9/2017

Hi to whomever is reading this...Actually, I really did like the August Campus Forum, great to be able to thank David Gonzoles in person for all the help he has personally given me with a couple of vendor set-ups and put a face with the name...Also good to hear what is coming up down the road that maybe helpful and to just be able to personally interact with the people that from my perspective are generally behind a faceless email address, so thanks for putting on the presentation. Georgiann Keller-Fraser Lab

Francesca Innocenti

Francesca Innocenti left a positive review 8/9/2017

Very informative. Pity Kuali wasn't working properly - surprise surprise - and therefore some procedures -e.g. Corporate Card Credits - could not be explained properly. Hopefully the PowerPoint will be available on line and we will be able to figure it out from those notes.

Luisa Sanchez

Luisa Sanchez left a positive review 8/9/2017

the training was great. I wish there were more one on one trainings.

Zumberge Hall (ZHS)

Zumberge Hall (ZHS) posted a photo 9/17/2015