Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN)

Wallis Annenberg Hall, an 88,000-square-foot edifice that blends tradition with technology. Incoming students, faculty and staff in the public relations, journalism and communications programs will have access to fast wifi, a converged media center, multimedia content creation classrooms, a cafe and numerous meeting and seating pods.

3630 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089



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When Women Disrupt

ADMISSION: Admission is free. RSVP at http://rsvp.uscannenberg.org/rsvp-page/when-women-disrupt DESCRIPTION: What role can socially and politically engaged...

3/21 5:30pm
‘The Art of Storytelling’: A woman’s approach to raising capital with the founders of Quilt

Join M{2e}’s Women’s Leadership Society for an in-depth conversation about the journey of raising capital with Ashley Sumner and Gianna Wurzl, the founders...

3/27 5pm
How to make the news better

We live in a time of uncertainty, with daily headlines often full of gloom. How the news is chosen is itself contentious, with a fierce battle in America...

3/28 6pm
DIÁLOGOS: A CPD Conversation with Haris Lalacos, Ambassador of Greece to the U.S.

CPD is pleased to host Ambassador Haris Lalacos for a conversation about Greece’s role on the world stage and the challenges and opportunities in Greek-U.S....

3/30 11:30am
The Trojan Debate Squad presents: College curriculum

Point of Information is a public debate series in which the Trojan Debate Squad examines issues of current importance to our university, its students, and...

4/5 6pm

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Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN)

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