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USC's first interdisciplinary social sciences building -- will be a place where faculty and students from across the university come together to tackle the most pressing social problems affecting our region and our global community.

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Daniela Nava

Daniela Nava left a positive review 1/14/2020

Extremely helpful

Good Morning!

Amber Brown left a review 6/25/2019

hopefully there will be another session. got there and the room was overflowing and nowhere to sit, so I left. found out later that if I was registered I should have stayed, but no one was checking names at the door. this looks like it might be a beginning session so maybe there will be an intermediate session for those that have already been using the system and need some tips and refreshers. I'll also check out the videos. Appreciate the effort though!

Corine Wong

Corine Wong left a positive review 6/25/2019

I'm glad I went. The administrators, Matt & Alexis, were attentive and helpful in answering many questions of the new Concur reimbursement system.

Yvette Barnett

Yvette Barnett left a negative review 6/25/2019

Not enough time to cover everything and went at a fast pace. Should have one lab for travel card, hotel, and airline. Should have another lab for non-travel requests. The session was dedicated more to travel, which was not what I wanted to discuss.