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The University Religious Center is headquarters for the USC Office of Religious Life.

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Mary Cooney

Mary Cooney left a positive review 2/26/2019

This class was a balm, a tonic. Simple, easy to follow movements, with just the right amount of verbal direction to help participants attend to details. Meditative, relaxing, calming.

Gwen Noda

Gwen Noda left a review 9/10/2018

I went to the fishbowl today a few minutes early, but another class was in there (mindfulness?). I waited 20 minutes with others who were waiting for the Tai Chi class. Is the room double booked all semester? How can we find out?

Runxin Zhang

Runxin Zhang left a positive review 1/20/2017

I am so appreciate you guys host this event, it is a short but excited mind journey that benefits me so much!

University Religious Center (URC)

University Religious Center (URC) posted a photo 9/17/2015