University Religious Center (URC)

The University Religious Center is headquarters for the USC Office of Religious Life.

Los Angeles, CA 90089



University Park

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LABYRINTH - Movement Meditation Series

Drop-in anytime for a silent, self-guided walking meditation. All USC students and staff are welcome to participate.

11/16 10am
TAI CHI - Movement Meditation Series

A mindful body meditation involving specific postures and gentle movements with mental focus, breathing, & relaxation. Sessions are led by Diane...

11/19 5pm
Native American Student Union

The USC Native American Student Union (NASU) offers an opportunity for Native American Trojans to connect and empower one another both academically and...

11/19 7:30pm
KUNDALINI YOGA - Movement Meditation Series

In India, yoga is a system for wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Classes at the University Religious Center are taught by...

11/20 4pm
USC Interfaith Council

USC has more student religious groups than any other university in the United States, and the Interfaith Council includes students representing the diversity...

11/21 7pm

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Gwen Noda

Gwen Noda left a review 9/10/2018

I went to the fishbowl today a few minutes early, but another class was in there (mindfulness?). I waited 20 minutes with others who were waiting for the Tai Chi class. Is the room double booked all semester? How can we find out?

Milad Kassaie

Milad Kassaie left a review 8/29/2018

There wasn't much happening here. There was a nice ping pong table which a couple of people used to play. If you were lucky you could find some one to play, but unfortunately only a handful of people showed up.
There was instant Iced chai and okay desserts, free amd enough for everyone.

Runxin Zhang

Runxin Zhang left a positive review 1/20/2017

I am so appreciate you guys host this event, it is a short but excited mind journey that benefits me so much!

University Religious Center (URC)

University Religious Center (URC) posted a photo 9/17/2015