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Study Abroad Social Hour

Join us every month for our Study Abroad Social Hour. This is an opportunity to mingle with staff and students. Get your questions about study abroad...

2/21 3pm
UPC February Campus Forum

Campus Forums are designed to disseminate information that is pertinent to daily campus operations for procurement of and payment for goods and services on...

2/26 2:15pm
Fulbright Workshop 1 & Fellowship Friday

We will be combining our open advising hours with the first Fulbright Writing Workshop. Students are welcome to attend with questions about other fellowships...

3/1 2pm
Media, Form, and Thought lecture series:  Samuel Weber (Northwestern University)

THE MEDIACY OF THE MEDIA: A PSYCHOANALYTIC APPROACH A Talk by Samuel Weber (Northwester University) The well-known influence of “the media” today is...

3/18 5pm
Fulbright Workshop 2: Study/Research Grants Only

USC Writing Program faculty will discuss how to write a strong Study/Research Statement of Grant Purpose and Personal Statement and provide examples. We...

3/22 2pm

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Tanish Gupta

Tanish Gupta left a positive review 1/27/2019

This was amazing. I got a lot of pointers about how I should use Linkedin.

Milad Kassaie

Milad Kassaie left a negative review 8/23/2018

Either they changed the date at the last minute, or the date on event calendar has been wrong. Because, I went there, it didn't happen, There was a flyer with a new date. Now, it's gonna be on 29th, 2pm.

Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson left a review 3/28/2018

Arrived at THH 102 at 8am and needless to say there is a class scheduled that had nothing to do with Travel, it was a Sociology class.

Jane Roach

Jane Roach left a positive review 3/12/2018

Very informative! And thank you for having it located in a better room.

Susan Wiedem

Susan Wiedem left a positive review 2/26/2018

good location - good audio visual - good response to questions

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia left a positive review 1/4/2018

It was great and very helpful.

Taper Hall (THH)

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