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American Origins with Daniel K. Richter

"The Last Days of Massachusetts Bay Company, Revisited" RSVP for pre-circulated papers. Monday, January 22, 2018 University of Southern California Social...

1/22/2018 4pm
Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop: Public Speaking - Lectures

Speakers: Saori Katada and Steve Lamy Topic: Public Speaking - Lectures A key element of supporting scholarship is directly preparing graduate students for...

1/29/2018 12pm
Public Speaking: Lecture

Steven Lamy, Professor of International Relations and Vice Dean for Academic Programs Saori Katada, Associate Professor at School of International...

1/29/2018 12pm
Public Speaking: Lecture

The Graduate Student Professionalization series is sponsored and organized by the Center for International Studies, East Asian Studies Center, and Korean...

1/29/2018 12pm

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Holly Inaba

Holly Inaba left a positive review 3/6/2017

Very informative. Need more of these!!

Sean Uray

Sean Uray left a positive review 3/6/2017

This was very informative and enlightening. Thanks to the departments who put this on!

Social Sciences Building (SOS)

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