Scene Dock Theatre (SCD)

With a flexible seating configuration that can accommodate from 65 to 100 people in an in-the-round, thrust or regular proscenium arrangement, the Scene Dock Theatre is a versatile facility, and one of the primary performance spaces of the USC School of Dramatic Arts.

1030 West 37th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90089





University Park

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Sojourn Theatre at USC

ADMISSION: Admission is free for USC students. Please check back for ticket and reservation information. DESCRIPTION: Join us for the premiere of a new...

4/20/2018 7:30pm
Hapa Expressions from "The Heart of Those Machines," A Play

Presently approximately one out of every thirty children born in Japan has one parent who is not Japanese. Mixed race Japanese individuals are fast becoming...

4/27/2018 3pm

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Scene Dock Theatre (SCD)

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