Kaprielian Hall (KAP)

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Algebra Seminar: Group gradings on simple algebras over the field of real numbers

Yuri Bahturin, Memorial University of Newfoundland Abstract: I will talk about the classification of group grading on classical central simple real Lie...

3/19 3:30pm
CAMS Colloquium: Equilibria in energy landscapes with nonlinear diffusion and nonlocal interaction.

Franca Hoffmann, Caltech Abstract: We study interacting particles behaving according to a reaction-diffusion equation with nonlinear diffusion and nonlocal...

3/19 3:30pm
Dynamical Systems Seminar: Statistical properties of $\nu$ Gibbs states for $C^1$ diffeomorphisms with mostly contracting center.

Fan Yang, University of Oklahoma Abstract: For a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism $f$, a Gibbs u-state is a measure whose decomposition along unstable...

3/19 3:30pm
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Knots and quivers, HOMFLY and DT

Paul Wedrich, Australia National University Abstract: Physicists have long been arguing that gauge theories at large rank are related to topological string...

3/19 4:30pm

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Kaprielian Hall (KAP)

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