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USC Dornsife INET Seminar Series - Solomon Hsiang

Chancellor's Associate Professor of Public Policy, Solomon Hsiang (UC Berkely), will present at the USC Dornsife INET's Seminar Series. For more...

9/25 4pm
Combinatorics Seminar: Combinatorial Neural Codes, Toric Ideals, and State Polytopes

Robert Davis, Harvey Mudd College Abstract: Combinatorial neural codes are 0/1 vectors that are used to model the co-firing patterns of a set of place cells...

9/26 2pm
Mathematics Colloquium: Braids, Polynomials and Hilbert's 13th Problem

Jesse Wolfson, UC Irvine Abstract: There are still completely open fundamental questions about polynomials in one variable. One example is Hilbert's 13th...

9/26 3:30pm
Joint Math Finance Colloquium and Probability/Statistics Seminar: Moving Scalarizations for Time Consistency in Dynamic Multivariate Problems in Finance

Zachary Feinstein, Washington University Saint Louis Abstract: In this talk we will consider the time consistency problem for dynamic multivariate risk...

9/28 3:30pm

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Kaprielian Hall (KAP)

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