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Probability and Statistics Seminar: Invariant random subgroups of groups acting on trees

Tianyi Zheng, UC San Diego Abstract: A group is called permutation stable if almost homomorphisms to the symmetric groups must be close to actual...

1/17 3:30pm
Combinatorics Seminar: 2-associahedra

Nate Bottman, USC Abstract: I will explain my construction of the 2-associahedra, which are graded posets indexed by sequences of nonnegative integers. The...

1/22 2pm
Probability and Statistics Seminar

Asaf Ferber, UC Irvine Abstract: TBA

1/24 3:30pm
Theory Seminar: Songzi Du (UCSD)

Learn more here: https://econweb.ucsd.edu/~sodu/

1/27 4pm
Free Lunch Talk Series: Anthropology in the Anthropocene: A Posthuman’s Progress

Join Professor Tok Thompson for a discussion of posthumanism, and its increasing relevance for anthropologists working in the Anthropocene. Although...

1/29 12pm

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Kaprielian Hall (KAP)

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