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The Good, Bad & Ugly of Personal Statement with Jannell Roberts of Loyola Law

Loyola Law in Los Angeles is one of USC students' top matriculated law schools. Learn more about the program and get examples of the good, the bad, and the...

10/24 5pm
Personal Statement/Resume Speed Review

This event is best for students/alumni currently in the application cycle who are interested in having their personal statement or resume reviewed. Members...

10/29 1pm
Coro Southern California Information Session - Coro Fellowship 2019-2020

Coro Southern California will be hosting an information session to promote their 2019-2020 Coro Fellowhip! Through five individualized placements across all...

10/30 3pm
Major 2 Career: CORO

Coro was founded to train young individuals in the leadership skills necessary to assure that our democratic system of government can effectively meet the...

10/30 3pm
The Impact of the Resume on Law School Applications

Are you thinking about pursuing an internship or employment opportunity for summer break and would like to know how these opportunities affect your law...

11/6 12:30pm

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Ziwei Jiang

Ziwei Jiang left a positive review 2/7/2018

Matthew and Nancy offered very clear instructions of CV structure. Good job! Now I have a better idea of writing a nice CV, what's more, how to plan for a career success.

Ting-Wei Huang

Ting-Wei Huang left a positive review 8/21/2017

really helpful!

Carol Mikusky

Carol Mikusky left a positive review 8/10/2016

I thought this Forum was very informative. I have worked with Kuali doing some Requisitions before the meeting, and I did see some of the improvements they were talking about. It's nice to know what is going on when we are processing documents. I liked the Q&A at the end too.

Sherry Caudle

Sherry Caudle left a review 8/10/2016

Mailing services information helpful. Looking for more training on Kuali system use. Temp help not relevant to us.

Claudine Voznick

Claudine Voznick left a review 5/23/2016

As with this one, I didn't really get much out of it and left early because most of the topic was on putting in a "new vendor" into the emarket system. Should be a list of topics published beforehand.

Claudine Voznick

Claudine Voznick left a review 8/10/2016

It was well prepared and generally ok, however, I wish that CF would list the topics that would be held at the Forum so that if there is interest, I'd be sure to go and if not, i can give my seat up to someone else. Overall it was informative but I don't deal with hiring contingent workers and half of this forum covered that topic.

Rex Bailey

Rex Bailey left a positive review 8/10/2016

It was really informative. I am very excited about the Open Purchase Order Balance Report

James Kelly

James Kelly left a positive review 8/10/2016

Very informative, professional and interjected what a great group
of presenters.

Valentina Stoicescu

Valentina Stoicescu left a positive review 5/23/2016

I got the approval for the Forum in the last moment, and the "directions" were ambiguous: SGM, and MHP were both on the message, but finally I thought of GFS and I got there, after it started. The room was packed, but it was a great session. Thanks! Perhaps next time you will find a bigger room, as well technically equipped as GRS 106.Fight on!

Daniel Ladner

Daniel Ladner left a positive review 5/23/2016

Good to hear about the option of the prepaid cards, eMarket upgrades and other things on the horizon. Good to have reminders about the supplier portal tips and the reminder about available balance lookup. I appreciate the usefulness of the slides and their being a good balance of providing information. Not overloaded and reminded of where to look for more info. Thank you.