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Emily Kuo

Emily Kuo left a positive review 1/29/2019

My advisor, Octavio Avila, was extremely helpful. He made very detailed edits to my resume and answered my questions in a very professional way.

Ziwei Jiang

Ziwei Jiang left a positive review 2/7/2018

Matthew and Nancy offered very clear instructions of CV structure. Good job! Now I have a better idea of writing a nice CV, what's more, how to plan for a career success.

Ting-Wei Huang

Ting-Wei Huang left a positive review 8/21/2017

really helpful!

Carol Mikusky

Carol Mikusky left a positive review 8/10/2016

I thought this Forum was very informative. I have worked with Kuali doing some Requisitions before the meeting, and I did see some of the improvements they were talking about. It's nice to know what is going on when we are processing documents. I liked the Q&A at the end too.

Sherry Caudle

Sherry Caudle left a review 8/10/2016

Mailing services information helpful. Looking for more training on Kuali system use. Temp help not relevant to us.

Claudine Voznick

Claudine Voznick left a review 5/23/2016

As with this one, I didn't really get much out of it and left early because most of the topic was on putting in a "new vendor" into the emarket system. Should be a list of topics published beforehand.

Claudine Voznick

Claudine Voznick left a review 8/10/2016

It was well prepared and generally ok, however, I wish that CF would list the topics that would be held at the Forum so that if there is interest, I'd be sure to go and if not, i can give my seat up to someone else. Overall it was informative but I don't deal with hiring contingent workers and half of this forum covered that topic.

Rex Bailey

Rex Bailey left a positive review 8/10/2016

It was really informative. I am very excited about the Open Purchase Order Balance Report

James Kelly

James Kelly left a positive review 8/10/2016

Very informative, professional and interjected what a great group
of presenters.

Valentina Stoicescu

Valentina Stoicescu left a positive review 5/23/2016

I got the approval for the Forum in the last moment, and the "directions" were ambiguous: SGM, and MHP were both on the message, but finally I thought of GFS and I got there, after it started. The room was packed, but it was a great session. Thanks! Perhaps next time you will find a bigger room, as well technically equipped as GRS 106.Fight on!