Zilkha Seminar Series: Helen Bateup PhD - The Multifaceted Roles of TSC-mTOR Signaling in Neuronal Development, Function, and Disease

Wednesday, February 19 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

This is a past event.

Herklotz Seminar Room, ZNI 112 1501 San Pablo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Research in my lab broadly aims to understand the cellular and molecular basis of neurological and psychiatric disease. We have a particular interest in “mTORopathies”, which are developmental brain disorders caused by mutations in the mTOR signaling pathway that lead to epilepsy, intellectual disability, and autism. To elucidate disease mechanisms for these and related disorders, we use genetically-defined mouse and human cellular models in combination with a variety of techniques spanning molecular profiling to behavioral analysis. Our goal is to generate a mechanistic understanding of how disease-associated mutations affect the cell biology and physiology of specific types of neurons, and how altered neuronal activity impacts circuit function and behavior. In addition, we are investigating the early developmental alterations that may contribute to mTOR-related disorders using genetically engineered and patient-derived human brain organoids.

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Health Sciences Campus

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