USC Wonderkids- Animal Science Guest Scientist

Friday, March 5 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm

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USC Wonderkids is an after-school, hands-on informal STEAM education program that serves K-5 students in seven participating LAUSD schools under Dornsife's umbrella of the Joint Educational Project. The program provides inquiry-based science education and learning materials to students in the community. In addition to exposing children to advanced scientific fields and concepts at an early age, the program also serves to introduce students to professionals in specific STEAM fields.  This offers socially and culturally diverse role models in science with the ultimate goal of encouraging these students to pursue their own scientific education and endeavors. The topics for Spring 2021 are animal science, polar science, anatomy, space science, stem cells, and dermatology/ surgery.


The first guest speaker is for animal science on 3/5/21 and her name is Staci Wong. Staci Wong is the Interpretation Manager in the education department at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Before becoming an informal educator at the Aquarium, Staci researched the behavior of many bear species, even living in China where she studied giant pandas. Over 13 years ago, Staci brought her animal behavior experience to the Aquarium where observing animal behaviors can teach us so much about the lives of those animals. She is now the manager of guest interactions at exhibits and tours where she helps people of all ages explore the amazing animals and habitats of the Pacific Ocean, including the two animals that will be visiting our program, a sea otter and a red-footed booby.

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