USC Stem Cell Zoom Seminar: Unmesh Jadhav—"Epigenetic memory in development and tissue regeneration"

Tuesday, March 31 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Meeting ID: 402 949 330

Bio: My laboratory aims to uncover the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of tissue development, regeneration, and disease. Stem cell differentiation and de-differentiation events lie at the heart of these biological processes, and are influenced by the underlying chromatin dynamics. We investigate the interplay of various epigenetic features and how it instructs cellular decisions. To this end, we develop cell culture and animal models, and establish relevant bioinformatics methods for analysis of high-throughput data. Working with fast cycling and highly regenerative tissues and cell types, such as the mammalian intestine, blood, and germ cells, our work has revealed general principles of epigenetic and transcriptional controls that are broadly applicable to stem cell regulation and tissue function. 

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