USC Stem Cell Zoom Seminar: Miller Huang, Children's Hospital Los Angeles and USC—"Using Human Stem Cells to Identify Genetic Drivers and Therapeutic Targets in Pediatric Tumors"

Tuesday, May 26 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Compared to adult tumors, pediatric tumors generally have fewer
somatic coding mutations. Instead, pediatric tumors frequently harbor
chromosome copy number (CCN) changes. Evaluating CCN changes
for tumorigenesis using current cancer models (genetically engineered
mouse models, human patient tumors) is problematic since human and
mouse chromosomes do not align and human patient tumors are
already transformed. However, human pluripotent stem cells offer a
unique system to model human tumors and to address the effect of
CCN changes. The ability of human stem cells to complement tumor
lines with an isogenic non-tumor line provides an opportunity to
identify therapeutic targets specific to tumors and sparing healthy cells.

Introduced by Jim Amatruda

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