USC Stem Cell Seminar: Karl Koehler, Boston Children's Hospital—"Start making senses: Principles for constructing sensory organoids"

Tuesday, January 19 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Abstract: The human body contains complex organs to transduce information from the external world into our ability to hear, balance, taste, smell, and touch. To gain insight into how to repair these sensory organs, we attempt to construct them from pluripotent stem cells. My laboratory has devised a three-dimensional organoid system that produces inner ear and skin organoids that include epithelia with mechanosensing cells and appendages, specialized mesenchymal cells, and sensory neurons.In this talk I will provide a history of this work and highlight our use of single-cell genomics to uncover novel—and potentially therapeutic—intermediate progenitor cells from these organoids. In particular, I will discuss our recent study in which we generated transplantable hair-bearing skin tissue. Throughout the talk, I will touch on what this work reveals about the general mechanisms of tissue patterning that lead to assembly and higher-order structuring of organs in the body, and in the dish. 

Host: Neil Segil

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