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In the first part, Dr. Zelzer will describe a new model for limb and skeleton development. At its core is the principle that limb development involves progressive and simultaneous transition of naïve limb progenitors into either proximal or autopodial progenitors, which then progressively differentiate into chondroprogenitors. This process occurs simultaneously at different locations along the limb, suggesting that the skeleton forms progressively from multiple foci in a complex 3D pattern. In the second part, Dr. Zelzer will describe the hypothesis that the proprioceptive system plays a central role in musculoskeletal biology. The proprioceptive system is essential for the control of coordinated movement and posture. In this talk, Dr. Zelzer will present evidence for the involvement of this system in musculoskeletal development, function and pathology, including the regulation of spinal alignment, bone fracture repair and joint morphogenesis.

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