USC Institute for Addiction Science Virtual Speaker Series- "Recruiting and retaining scientists from minoritized groups: Institutional prestige, equity, access, and justice"

Tuesday, October 6 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

This is a past event.
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Even though research institutions have been trying to increase the representation of ethnic minority scientists into their graduate programs, these efforts generally haven’t been working. As long as we continue to use the same strategies, we will continue to fail. Successful diversification and the creation of an equitable research community hinges on a wholescale change in institutional value system, so that we can recognize academic talent where it is. The myth of meritocracy and homophilous recruitment processes are barriers to equity. For just recruitment practices, we must reconsider the very concept of “excellence” in our evaluation methods. Individual programs and whole institutions can implement a number of pragmatic steps to help spur institutional culture change.

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