USC-Meiji University Research Exchange: "Japan's History and Archaeology" (USC PPJS)

Friday, February 16, 2018 at 1:00pm

This is a past event.

Doheny Memorial Library (DML), G28
3550 Trousdale Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 90089

** This event will be held in the Music Library Herklotz Room, Doheny G28 **


The Project for Premodern Japan Studies will welcome 8 visitors—faculty and graduate students—from Tokyo’s Meiji University, as well as faculty and graduate students from the  University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of California at Long Beach for our annual USC-Meiji U Japanese History Research Exchange. The event will be held in Doheny Library 241 on February 15th and 16th. Several faculty members and graduate students will present their work, in English and Japanese, over two days. 


All are welcome to join us and meet our guests! For more information, contact Prof. Joan Piggott, PPJS, History Department at USC.


Thursday, 2/15 -- 11 AM to 5:30 PM

Prof. Luke Roberts, UCSB,  “Humanitarian Governance During Times of Disaster in Early Modern Tosa—A Look at the Touring Inspections of the 1770s”    「近世土佐の災害と仁政──天明改革の巡見を中心に」

Mr. Travis Seifman,  UCSB, "Performing the "Central Flowering": Protocols for the Ryukyu Ambassador’s Ceremonial Audiences in Edo and Beijing"  「『中華』を演じる:琉球使節の江戸・北京での謁見儀礼」

Dr. Rebecca Corbett, USC, “The Play of Tea”    「お茶の遊び」

Ms. Shimizu Yuko, Meiji U, “The Faith World of Christians under the Tokugawa Ban”  「伝来文書に見る近世日本潜伏キリシタンの信仰世界」

Prof. Ito Ujitaka, Meiji U, “From ‘Mononoaware’ to ‘Kawaii,’ What Has Been Embedded in the Japanese Sense of Aesthetics?”   「もののあわれ」から「かわいい」まで—日本の美意識に通底するもの」

Mr. Onodera Yosuke, Meiji U, “Ceramic Goods and What They Tell Us About Mortuary Rituals of the Early and Middle Kofun Period”  「土製模造品からみた古墳時代前〜中期の葬送儀礼」

Pro. Kenichi Sasaki, Meiji U, “Archaeological Excavation at a Seventh-century Keyhole in Southern Hitachi” 

Prof. Sachiko Sakai, UCLB, “Applying Luminescence Dating to Change in the Production of Sue Pottery in Japan”  「ルミネッサンス年代測定法と須恵器製造の変遷」  


Friday, 2/16 --  1 PM to 5:30 PM

Ms. Emm Simpson, UCSB, “The Divinization of Empress Jingû, Reconsidering the Process of Deificationin Premodern Japan”  「神功皇后の神格化ー神になる過程を考え直す」

Ms. Yamaguchi Naomi, Meiji U, “Takeuchi no Sukune in the Kojiki—the Significance of Honorific Language”  「『古事記』建内宿祢の一考察,敬称を手がかりとして」

Prof. Sakurada Marie, Meiji U, “The Concept of Kingship in Ancient Japanese History”  「日本古代史研究における「王権」の意味」

Prof. Jason Webb, USC, "Aerating Antiquity, A Report on the Secretive Processes of Manuscript Care at the Imperial Palace Archives in Kyoto"

Mr. Takahashi Noriko, Meiji U,  “Sickness and Treatments in Courtier Journals of the Regency Era” 「摂関期古記録にみる病気と治療」

Mr. Seki Kyohei, Meiji U, “Transformations in Uji in the Tale of Genji”  「源氏物語における宇治の変容」

Dr. Sachiko Kawai, USC, “Adoption, Landholding, and Military Power—Cases Involving Royal Women in Early Medieval Japan”  「中世王家女性の軍事力--養子関係の構築と土地所有の考察を通して」

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