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Kate Birney (Wesleyan University) – Wednesday February 21, 12:30pm-2pm – THH 309K


The idea that plants respond and adapt to different environmental conditions is as old as Theophrastus, but is taking on special resonance in this era of climate change.  Ecophysiology, the study of how plants respond to the environment, illuminates specific mechanisms by which plants can survive challenges posed by biotic and abiotic stressors, whether by modifying their phytochemistry, physiology, or metabolism. Our lab is exploring the ways in which ecophysiological knowledge, and even lab or greenhouse experimentation, may be applied in the study of ancient Mediterranean plants. We present two case studies rooted in archaeology and classical sources, that demonstrate the potential (and the limitations) of this interdisciplinary approach to shed light on botanical commodities, ethnobotanical practices and cultivation histories, as well as their broader implications.

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