The mixing of school boards, parental involvement, and appropriate content in a hyper-partisan environment has led to a series of shock waves hitting the education ecosystem. At the height of the pandemic, debates around parental choice raged across the nation as parents and school administrations grappled with issues around mask mandates, school lockdowns, and curriculum around history and race.

Videos of disgruntled parents storming school board meetings became viral online, igniting more parental interest and involvement in local school board proceedings. Parent-led coalitions formed to oust sitting school board members and elect candidates whose interests aligned more closely. States like Arizona, Missouri, and Florida are working toward measures similar to Tennessee's that would allow school board candidates to list their party affiliation on ballots. Some argue the move would increase voter participation and enhance local accountability, others worry it would create more division and shift the focus away from student needs. 

Is more partisanship in school board elections helpful or harmful? What is a path forward for mitigating issues among parents, administrators, and student education? 

This event is in partnership with the Rossier School of Education. 


  • Alan Arkatov (Moderator) - Katzman/Ernst Chair in Educational Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation; Center EDGE Founding Director, USC Rossier School of Education
  • Lisa Korbatov - Former President, Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education
  • Nick Melvoin - Vice President, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education
  • Pedro Noguera - Emery Stoops and Joyce King Stoops Dean of the Rossier School of Education
  • Darline Robles - Former Superintendent of LA County Office of Education; Professor of Clinical Education, USC Rossier School of Education

CLICK HERE to watch the video for, "The Politics of Education at School Boards." 

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