Areas with large populations of immigrants across the U.S., especially Latino and Asian and Pacific Islanders, voted Republican in higher numbers last November. Places like Chicago, New York, California, and Florida saw a surge in voter turnout and a significant shift to the right. Statistics show America may become a majority-minority nation by 2050, but this election has demonstrated that ethnic groups do not vote as blocs. How can both parties reorient their platforms to speak to minority voters as they increasingly become the majority in the U.S.? 


  • Musa Al-Gharbi - Paul F. Lazarsfeld fellow in Sociology at Columbia University
  • Robert A. George - Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion
  • Mike Madrid - Co-Founder, The Lincoln Project; Republican Strategist; Spring '19 Fellow, Center For the Political Future
  • Shaniqua McClendon - Political Director, Crooked Media and CPF Spring 2021 Fellow
  • Moderated by Mike Murphy - Co-Director of USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future; NBC Political Analyst

CLICK HERE to watch the video for "The 74 Million Voter Question #2 - Are People of Color Becoming Swing Voters?".

The discussion was also live-streamed on the CPF Facebook page. Email with any questions. 

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