Birnkrant Residential College 642 West 34th Street Los Angeles, CA 90007

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USC Student Affairs will be hosting their second annual Thanksgiving Dinner available for any student who will be here during the break. 

Thanksgiving with Friends
Everybody’s Kitchen 
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Free for all USC Students (Students with a meal plan will swipe, USC Students without a meal plan will sign-in).  

Presented by Campus Activities, Undergraduate and Graduate Student Governments, OIS, USC Office of Student Basic Needs, USC Office of Residential Education, and USC Hospitality.

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The queue was painfully long

This is a wonderful thing to see. I did not even realize that we did this last year, nor that we had this again this year. Perhaps for the third year, we might have opportunities for Faculty and Staff to participate and/or volunteer to make this an amazing event.