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Admission is free. Reservations required. 


Rhythms + Visions is back! Rhythms + Visions / Expanded + Live 4 is an exciting outdoor audio-visual event featuring live music, dance performance, large-scale projection mapping, and interactive installations. 

Don’t miss this one-night-only opportunity to see and experience a spectrum of contemporary visual art, music, and dance in a free-flowing, immersive environment. Live performances of classical, hip hop, and pop music will be accompanied by large-scale animated visuals. The program will feature art and performances by talented USC faculty, alumni, and students, plus a few special guests! 

Performances begin at 7:30 p.m.

Event Producers
Michael Patterson, Candace Reckinger

Visual Music Performances with Animated Visuals, USC Thornton School of Music
Tony Cardella - Piano

  • Phillip Glass, Etudes 2 and 8 
  • Tony Cardella, “Words Move, Music Moves - At the Still Point of the Turning World” (Original composition derived from AI analysis of Shane Guffogg’s paintings)

Robert Wang - Guitar

  • Astor Piazzolla, “Libertango” and “Oblivion” 

Celine Chen - Piano

  • Stephen Hough, “​​​​​​ Fanfare Toccata“ with audio-reactive animated visuals
  • Rodgers and Hammerstein, “My Favorite Things,“ arr. by Steve Hough

Aspen Jacobsen - Voice and Guitar

  • The Beatles, “Across the Universe“ 
  • Aspen Jacobsen, “Shouldn’t Give a Damn“

Dance Performances with Projection-Mapped Visuals, USC Kaufman School of Dance
Faculty: d. Sabela grimes
Alumni: Brianna Mims
Guest Artist: Meena Murugesan
Students from the USC Kaufman School of Dance

Animated Visuals + Projection Mapping, John C. Hench Division of Animation + Digital Arts
Faculty: Michael Patterson, Candace Reckinger, Jordan Halsey, Moses Journey, Holly Willis, Justin Parpan, Marcel Valcarce, Luis Grane
Alumni: Ankita Panda, Daniel Xiaobo Ma, Rui Huang, Chun Chun Chang, Yimin Zhang, Eva Grandoni, Patradol “Dodo”  Kitcharoen, Jake Wang, Xiaotong Wen, Ana Estarita Guerrero, Marcus Emery, Dalton Taylor
Students: Harry Chen, Anna Wang, Guyu Liang, Muling Shi, Pablo Diaz De Leon Hicks, Delaney McCallum, Jiamu Tao, Sunhee Jung, Tianyun Lyu, Ciara Borgards, Angela Hou, Michael Brown, Floria Huang, Hanqian Bao, Flint Tanquary, Matthew Leahy, Yibo Xu, Joey Liao, Hankai Yan (Roski), Minseo Kim
Guest Artists: Saskia Marka, RUFFMERCY, Sus Boy

Visual Music Moment music composed by:
Min He - USC Thornton School of Music alum
Shaun Chasin- USC Thornton School of Music alum
Groundislava - CalArts and USC Roski School of Art and Design alum
CZ - Berklee School of Music alum
Jacob Durbin - Berklee School of Music student

Interactive Animal Projections by:
Teruyo Uehira - Tokyo University of the Arts research assistant

Clip from Rhythms + Visions / Expanded + Live 3:


Clip from Rhythms + Visions / Expanded + Live 2:

Presented by USC Visions and Voices. Organized by Mike Patterson (Cinematic Arts), Candace Reckinger (Cinematic Arts), d. Sabela grimes (Dance), Jordan Halsey (Cinematic Arts), and Veronika Krausas (Music). 

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