Looking for Normal-Hearing Adults to Participate in a Study of Hearing.

Thursday, December 9

More dates through February 26, 2022

HRA building, 106 1640 Marengo St., Ste. 326 Los Angeles, CA 90033

Come help us learn about how the normal ear functions and get a free hearing test!

We are looking for adults with normal hearing (aged 18-40 years old) to study functioning of the healthy cochlea (inner ear). All participants will first be given a complete hearing test then otoacoustic emissions (sometimes referred to as “cochlear echoes”) will be noninvasively recorded.

Subjects need to sit quietly (and very still) while low-to-moderate-level sounds are presented to the ear through ear buds while a tiny microphone in the ear canal records the response of the inner ear.  The participant can watch videos with sub-titles during the test since no response is required.

This session will last approximately 2 hours and participants will be compensated at $10 hr for their time.  Parking is provided.

Test sessions will be arranged at the participant’s convenience at the Auditory Research Center (HRA Building on the Health Sciences Campus).  If you are interested, study personnel will call or email you with instructions on how to enroll in this study.


NOTE: Testers use rigorous Covid-specific practices as per USC mandates. All research personnel test routinely for Covid. They will use PPE (mask, face shield, gloves) while interacting with participants, test rooms will be carefully disinfected between sessions, and the air is routinely cleaned with HEPA filtration.  All participants will be required to wear masks (provided) throughout their test.  


The Principal Investigators in charge of this study are:

Professors Carolina Abdala, Ph.D. and Christopher Shera Ph.D., faculty in the Caruso Department of Otolaryngology, Keck School of Medicine.


If interested or if you have questions and would like more information, please contact:

Samantha Steipan, Ph.D.   Samantha.Stiepan@med.usc.edu

AbdaLab:  abdalab@usc.edu


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Keck School of Medicine
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