National Hispanic Heritage Month Seminar: Dr. Carlos Gutierrez

Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

This is a past event.


MEB National Hispanic Heritage Month Seminar

11 AM, Thursday, September 30

In-person  (AHF Torrey Webb Room/AHF 153)

Zoom:  TBA


Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, Cal State LA

Preparing Cal State LA Minority Students for Success in Top PhD Programs

By 2045 there will be no majority group among US populations. California has been a minority-majority state since 2000, with Latinx as the largest racial/ethnic group. If California and the nation are to continue to lead in scientific research, all American populations must develop their talents to a high level and contribute as PhD-level scientists. California State University, Los Angeles is a Hispanic Serving Institution that is an important contributor to diversification of the American scientific workforce. The mission of the California State University, Los Angeles Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) programs is to enrich the American scientific research enterprise by developing and making available to top PhD programs the creativity and intellectual talents of its motivated BS and MS students. It has developed intense research training programs by reverse-engineering from the characteristics, habits, and skills of highly successful graduate students in top PhD programs. This has yielded outstanding results: 80% of MORE undergrads and 85% of its MS alums enter and succeed in top PhD programs throughout California and the nation. Cal State LA is among the top BS institutions of origin of Hispanic, science PhD recipients among all predominantly BS/MS colleges and universities in the US. I will describe in greater detail the content, climate, and context of the Cal State LA research and research training programs.

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Lecture / Talk / Workshop

Marine Environmental Biology (MEB)
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