Title: “Pharmacogenomics-guided Prescribing and Opportunities for Promoting Health Equity”


Abstract: Pharmacogenomics (PGx) identifies genetic variation that influences interindividual differences in drug response and adverse events with the goals to target drug administration and improve therapeutic outcomes. The field represents one of the most promising means to personalize care. Ethnically diverse populations have been largely excluded from these medical advancements to date due to: 1) a lack of genetic information collected from these populations, 2) underrepresentation in clinical trials, and 3) uncertainty of clinical utility in diverse patient populations. As pharmacogenomics is rapidly evolving and implemented into clinical practice, the impact of PGx technologies on reducing/exacerbating health inequities is of great concern. Here I will discuss where evidence illuminates opportunities to tailor pharmacogenomic care to underserved and underrepresented populations, and promote equitable opportunity across patient groups to benefit from genomically-guided drug treatment.

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