MEB Seminar: Alessandro Tagliabue (University of Liverpool)

Tuesday, November 2 at 9:00am to 10:00am

This is a past event.
Virtual Event

9-10 a.m. due to time difference constraints.

Professor Alessandro Tagliabue, University of Liverpool


"Response of ocean net primary production to climate change: uncertainties and implication"

Changes in net primary production due to climate change, especially at regional scales, are crucial drivers of changes in biogeochemical cycling, ecosystem dynamics and the carbon cycle. I will present an update of the state of the art regarding projected changes in net primary productivity across a suite of earth system models, highlighting key regions that host large uncertainty. Using a set of case studies, I will focus in on the role played by shifts in nutrient limitation regimes and the response of nitrogen fixation in contributing to net primary production trends.

Event Type

Lecture / Talk / Workshop


academics, oos

Marine Environmental Biology (MEB)
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