MEB Tuesday Noon Seminar

January 25

 Dr. Andrew Griffith,

Postdoc in Manahan Lab

 Physiological and Molecular Biological Analyses of Resilience to Trophic Mismatch in a Changing Ocean

Summary:  It is widely accepted that the world ocean is warming at an unprecedented and accelerating rate.  The impact of this change has yet to be fully understood, but an emerging concern is ‘trophic mismatch’ in ocean environments.  Specifically, differential taxon responses to ocean warming may lead to mismatch, whereby consumers are not in synchronization with their primary food source.  In this seminar, I will present some case studies of global change phenology and new findings from our studies of the mechanisms of resilience to environmental change.  Case studies of early stages of animal development will include analysis of starvation resistance, implications of life-history strategies, and the bioenergetics of survival and viability.

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