Marine & Envir Bio Seminar--Dr. Bethanie Edwards (UC Berkeley)

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Title: Chemical signaling induced by various modes of phytoplankton death and the implications for the microbial loop. 

 Abstract: Diatoms are important phytoplankton in the world oceans, contributing significantly to primary productivity and carbon export. Some species of diatoms and other eukaryotic phytoplankton produce allelopathic compounds called oxylipins when they are stressed. Oxylipins produced by diatoms have been observed to decrease copepod reproductive success and induce expression of key stress response genes, inhibit free-living bacteria, stimulate particle-associated bacteria, and stunt the growth of phytoplankton competitors. Here we will explore the impact of dinoflagellate grazing and viral infection on the production of oxylipins by diatoms, as well as the ecological implications of the oxylipins produced.

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Lecture / Talk / Workshop


Students, Alumni, Faculty/Staff


University Park Campus




Marine Environmental Biology (MEB)
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