Start the new year feeling good about yourSelf, experiencing deep wellbeing and inner peace, and feeling confident in living a life you love

Join me for a special 5-day program that explores some of the deepest teachings I share with my clients. Dedicate the first week of the year to a deeper understanding and connection to yourSelf and others, and start 2022 from a place of deep inner knowing.

We will meet every day on Zoom - Monday Jan 3rd through Friday Jan 7th - from 9 am to 10:30 am Pacific Time (Los Angeles). Calculate your local time here. All calls will be recorded (audio only).

For the first time, I am dedicating a group program just to a Source-based understanding of our experience of life. It is consistently what makes the biggest impact in the ability of Repurposers to change careers, enjoy life, and experience liberation from unnecessary suffering.

We all have within us an ever replenishing Source of wellbeing. When we learn to recognize, connect with it, and listen to it, our lives transform. All wisdom traditions and many people throughout time have pointed to it, but it cannot be known "intellectually." You have to lean into the experience. One of the most effective ways to open yourself up to it is through highly skilled conversations and presencing. And once you do, answers, new insights, and sometimes healing spontaneously arise.

Each day we will gather to explore and "feel" Source. Each call will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings in a private platform just for participants. Please note that I will only post the audio recordings (no video).

Tickets are $95 - $195.

Join me to explore what is at the core of all meaningful transformation.


Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/living-from-source-reconnect-with-your-innate-wellbeing-tickets-224246716967

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