KT Career Forum - Zoom Webinar

Friday, December 3, 2021 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm

This is a past event.
Virtual Event

 "KT Career Forum" - 2 day career forum for global human resources 

[Day 1]
We will talk about various topics that will be useful for job hunting for prospective employees who will join the company in 2022.
1. Share your experiences in job hunting, company analysis and self-analysis methods.
2. Using the entry sheet actually submitted in the recruitment selection of the KT group, we will teach you the motivation for aspiration and how to write your own PR.

[Day 2]
Employees with various backgrounds, from young people to managers, will talk about their work and career paths.
1. Introduction of work contents from young employees, Q & A
Game planners, game programmers, and CG designer employees will each introduce their work.
2. Panel discussion by mid-career employees of foreign nationality
We will talk about how to work in Japan and career paths at game companies according to the theme.
3. Two managers with expatriate experience will provide insight
One manager who has experience of being stationed at an overseas subsidiary and one local manager who is stationed overseas will talk about various themes such as his own career, future direction of KT, and what he wants from global human resources.

We are looking for questions to ask speakers and recruiters in advance, so please fill in "Questions and Comments".

It will be two days where you can learn from various perspectives about the game industry and the KT Group, which continue to grow at an explosive rate even in the Corona disaster.
We have prepared a lot of stories that can only be heard here, so please join us!

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