Keith F. Widaman - Modeling Data Using Regression Methods: Testing Theoretical Conjectures Strongly

Monday, April 8 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

This is a past event.

Seeley G. Mudd Building (SGM), 718
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Dr. Keith F. Widaman

University of California at Riverside


Modeling Data Using Regression Models: Testing Theoretical Conjectures Strongly

Typical hypothesis testing in psychology and the behavioral sciences uses an
exploratory approach to specification and testing of models developed over 80
years ago. This well‐ingrained method involves the development of two
mutually exclusive and exhaustive hypotheses – a null hypothesis and an
alternative hypothesis – and serves as the basis for t‐tests of differences in
means, F‐tests in ANOVA, and other common analytic chores. This approach
presumes implicitly that the researcher is ignorant with regard to likely
outcomes of experiments and associated data analyses, so any patterns of nonchance
results can be captured. The time has come for a new approach to
analyses, introducing the model testing approach developed in structural
equation modeling into regression analysis. Rather than using completely off the‐
shelf, exploratory methods, modeling of data requires one to consider
carefully the process generating the data and then to specify and test whether
theoretically formulated models adequately explain the data. Several examples
will illustrate the new insights that can arise using this revised approach. The
key advantage of this approach to model testing is that it enables one to test
strongly the theoretical conjectures motivating research.

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Lecture / Talk / Workshop


Students, Faculty/Staff


University Park Campus



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