Is California Still a Golden State?

Wednesday, February 9 at 3:00pm to 4:00pm

This is a past event.

California is often praised as the "Golden State" with beautiful weather, a world-leading economy, top tier universities and corporations, and a rich, diverse culture. Yet many are leaving California for states with lower taxes, tougher crime enforcement, affordable housing, and less liberal policies. Has California become the poster child for income disparity where Silicon Valley billionaires co-exist with the nation's largest homeless population? Or have California's progressive politics, natural resources, and other factors proved that it will remain a prosperous and sustainable state for generations?

This discussion is in partnership with Govern for California. 


  • David Crane - President, Govern for California; Lecturer in Public Policy, Stanford University
  • John Chiang - California State Treasurer (ret.); former California State Controller; Fall 2020 Fellow, Center for the Political Future
  • Bob Shrum -  (Moderator) - Director, Center for the Political Future; Warschaw Chair in Practical Politics, USC Dornsife
  • Mike Murphy - (Moderator) - Co-Director, Center for the Political Future; NBC Political Analyst

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