Handling Matters - How format and scale constitute meaning in the arts

Thursday, May 13 at 9:30am to 2:30pm

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In art history, the term handling mainly refers to storing, shipping, or archiving artworks.  However, the actual handling also affects the way we perceive art objects haptically, helping us discern their format, scale, and content. Handling, format, and scale interact and constitute an intertwined meaning beyond discursive matter: Format refers to standardized and institutionalized production processes and is often related to normative expectations of the art piece. The scale depends on distributed spatial resources, thus, it is closely linked to processes of appropriating economic and political power.

Handling focuses on perception as a durational process beyond the visual. The guiding question of this workshop is: How do handling, format, and scale relate, alter or challenge the iconic, narrative, and/or political webs of meaning? Through different media from different times, the workshop will trace the meaning-making interplay of handling, format, and scale.

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