Global Perspectives in Convergence Education

Friday, November 3, 2017 at 8:00am to 3:00pm

National Academy of Sciences Building 2101 Constitution Ave, N.W., Washington, DC

The intent of the Global Perspectives in Convergence Education workshop is to involve representatives from the many stakeholder communities around the globe.  It will have representation that includes K-12, community colleges, universities, continuing education, various professional communities, business/industry, foundations, state/local education authorities, and pertinent government agencies/ministries.  They will be charged with providing insights into convergence education as it is evolving in various locations around the world:
·      An assessment of the convergence education efforts globally and identification of best practices and/or what’s not working;
·      An assessment of the importance of convergence education, especially at levels lower than doctoral: MSc, BSc, community college, and K-12;
·      As assessment of the importance of the role of continuing education in teaching convergence;
·      An approach for the incorporation of convergence and responsible science/ethics into curricula being developed in various countries;
·      An assessment of the possibility of teaching convergence and responsible science via the concept of “grand challenges”;
·      A path to reflect the convergence of nano-, bio-, info-, cogno-technologies, and other rapidly evolving topics, in education;
·      Mechanism(s) to keep abreast of the changing workforce education needs as convergence continues its rapid market penetration;
·      A way to “synchronize” or properly choreograph changes in educational institutions with changes in funding agencies;
·      The need and possible mechanisms for ongoing public education and engagement with convergence science, engineering, and technology; and
·      A role for convergence education in broadening participation in the STEM workforce.

A workshop report will be prepared that highlights the discussions of international approaches to the efforts in, and needs of, convergence in education.  It will include actionable recommendations and their prioritization.

NSF / OECD / U.S. National Academies / U. Southern California Workshop

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