Feed Your Mind/Feed Your Body - A talk by Prof. Kelsey Moss

Wednesday, March 20 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

This is a past event.

Ahmanson Center (ACB), 238
825 Bloom Walk , Los Angeles, CA 90089

MIddle Passages & Missionary Christianity: Race, Religion & Slavery in Colonial Latin America

Ninety percent of Africans arriving to the Americas as slaves were brought to Catholic Latin America. From the moment they stepped foot in the “New World,” Africans were introduced to the Christian faith by missionaries and their slave masters. What was the relationship between Christianity and African slavery? How did developing racial categories and ideologies emerge from and influence the process of African Christianization? And how did newly arrived Africans make sense of and relate to this new faith and its messengers? Join us for this lunchtime talk that explores the complex relationship between Christian missionaries and enslaved Africans in the port cities of colonial Latin America.

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University Park Campus


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