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Much work in the history of capitalism from a variety of perspectives takes as its starting point phenomena of the mid to late eighteenth century. This conference explores the earlier imperial roots and evolution of that history and follows them forward. From the Italian states and the Iberias to the Netherlands, England, France and beyond, we will discuss how private, state and hybrid imperial policies and companies laid the foundations of modern economies.

Tiraana Bains, Brown University

"Budgeting India: The Making of a British Imperial State in South Asia"


Alejandra Irigoin, London School of Economics

"Private Trade Finance and Religion in the Catholic Environment"


Kris Lane, Tulane Univeristy

"What was Potosí, Bolivia, worth in the Mid-17th Century?"


Jonathan Levy, University of Chicago

"Money and the Origins of Capitalism"


Jared Lucky, Yale University

"The Imperial Origins of Consumer Protection Law: The Case of Massachusetts Bay, 1692-1771"


Ellen Nye, Harvard University

"The Entangled Origins of Capitalism: Making Money between the English and Ottoman Empires"


Asheesh Siddique, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Conceptualizing Difference Before Universal Economic Laws"


Junko Takeda, Syracuse University

"Failure as a Category of Study: Louis XIV and Entrepreneurial Imperialism in Persia and Siam"


Andre Wakefield, Pitzer College

"The Dutch Republic Comes to the Harz Mountains: Pieter Hartzing in Clausthal"


Carl Wennerlind, Barnard College

"The Epic Showdown between Two Political Economies that Shaped Both Economics and Capitalism"


with comments by Abigail Swingen, Texas Tech University


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