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This series of portraits aims to combat the “vanishing Indian” stereotype that persists in American society by exhibiting modern Native American leaders who defined the American Indian Movement and made great strides for Indigenous people. 

Though I am not Native myself, my passion for fighting for Indigenous rights stems from my upbringing. When I was young, my family was adopted into a Navajo clan by Albert Hale, former president of the Navajo nation. My father met Albert through his work with tribes as an attorney. Therefore, I grew up watching my adopted uncle and my father, as well as their peers, fight to improve the lives of Native people. Tragically, Albert passed away from Covid-19 in 2020. My goal is to carry on his work through my art, as I firmly believe in art as a catalyst for social change. While creating this exhibition, I consulted with John Echohawk, founder of the Native American Rights Fund, to ensure that I paid due respect to these important Native leaders with the highest possible standard of authenticity and care.


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Emily Eid: From Alcatraz to the BIA: Portraits of Modern Native American Leaders.

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