Emergency Medical Services of USC Info Session

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm

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The Emergency Medical Services of the University of Southern California (EMSC) is a student organization that seeks to provide accessible pre-hospital care to Trojans and the USC community. We strive to augment the current emergency health care options at the University and create an opportunity for students to gain first-hand medical experience, serve their community, and develop critical leadership skills. Since its founding in Spring 2009, EMSC has progressed rapidly, garnering faculty and student support. The first EMT class sponsored by EMSC in Summer 2009 trained 25 new student EMTs. Since then, EMSC has been holding classes of 20-40 students during summer and winter breaks. EMSC is staffed completely by student EMTs both at the undergraduate and graduate level. These EMTs work on a volunteer basis closely with DPS and Fire Safety to provide a stand-by service for events on campus such as football tailgates, the Welcome Back Concert, Obama rally, and the Festival of Books. EMSC has also been staffing select club sports such as lacrosse and rugby. In the future, EMSC hopes to continue to grow and eventually provide emergency response services beyond its current stand-by emergency medical service.

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