Dividing Americans: How Education, More Than Race, is Driving Life Expectancy Disparities in Adulthood

Tuesday, March 16 at 1:00pm to 2:00pm

This is a past event.
Virtual Event

New research by Princeton Professor Anne Case and Nobel Laureate Sir Angus Deaton identifies a devastating trend dividing Americans: men and women with a Bachelor’s degree are living longer and prospering more compared to adults without one. For those without a college degree, adult life expectancy has declined for most of a decade in the U.S. Furthermore, over the last 30 years, racial divides narrowed while educational divides grew. This study builds on their seminal work on deaths of despair published in 2015.

On March 16, join Schaeffer Center Director Dana Goldman in conversation with study authors Anne Case, Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs – Emeritus at Princeton University, and Sir Angus Deaton, USC Presidential Professor of Economics, Schaeffer Center Distinguished Fellow and Senior Scholar at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs.

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