Department of Translational Genomics - Virtual Distinguished Lecture Series

Tuesday, October 6 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Melissa Boneta Davis, PhD

Weill Cornell Medicine

“African Ancestry and Tumor Biology in Breast Cancer Disparities”

The Davis Lab current research program is focused on identification of biological mechanisms of racial disparities in cancer risk and clinical outcomes of cancer diagnoses. The Davis lab has produced findings that show unique genetic signatures, in both breast and prostate tumors of African and African American patients, enriched for mechanisms that correlate with aggressive tumor progression and tumor immunology. These findings generate novel opportunities for precision medicine applications in minority populations. She will present findings emerging from her breast cancer  research, where she has identified that African-associated gene expression signatures and the allele of a gene named DARC (ACKR1) is linked to the tumor-specific immune/inflammatory response.

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Keck School of Medicine
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