Please join us Thursday, October 22nd from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. PDT for a Deep Listening workshop led by scholar and sound artist Dr. Ximena Alarcón. The Zoom link will be sent out to those who RSVP below. Dr. Alarcón will be circulating some journaling and meditative exercises prior to the workshop, so please RSVP.
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Inspired by the work of the late composer Pauline Oliveros, this workshop seeks to engage with listening as a form of healing through Oliveros’ published scores of “Sonic Meditations.” Published in 1971, these text-based scores allow for small groups to gather and listen by following Oliveros' written sound and body exercises. Approached as a transformational and even therapeutic practice, Deep Listening tunes the body and the mind for expanded consciousness. 
Ximena Alarcón (PhD) is a sound artist and academic researcher interested in listening to in-between sonic spaces and how they are manifested in dreams, underground public transport and the migratory context. Her research focuses on creating telematic improvisations using Deep Listening®, and interfaces for relational listening. Her most recognized works are the interactive sound space Sounding Underground (IOCT-DMU, The Leverhulme Trust Fellowship 2007-2009), the series of telematic sound performances Networked Migrations (CRiSAP - UAL, 2011-2017), and INTIMAL: Interfaces for Listening Relational (RITMO-UiO, 2017-2019, Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship). Ximena is a certified Deep Listening tutor and has taught the practice in Colombia, India, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and the UK. She is currently a tutor in the online Deep Listening certification program offered by the Center for Deep Listening (RPI), and works independently in the second phase of the INTIMAL project that involves: an "embodied" physical-virtual system for relational listening in telematic sonic performance; a virtual territory of Latin American migrant women in Europe; and a telematic creation laboratory for the women who inhabit the INTIMAL territory.
This event is sponsored by the Creativity, Theory, Politics (CTP) research cluster in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. CTP centers around the transformation of knowledge through our acknowledgment of, and engagement with, bodies, the sensorium, the arts. We assume the cultural, the artistic, and the theoretical to be inextricable from the political, and interventions in these arenas offer ways to shift power relations.

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