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A two-day Graduate Student Symposium, consisting of a Keynote by Dr. David Marriott, multiple student panels, Film Screening, and Q&A session(s). 

Theme: Thinking, Crisis

From the individual to the political (rising fascism) to the global (Climate): crisis. At every register, ‘crisis’ confronts us, and not for the first time. But what is crisis––this word that returns, always familiar, to describe what appears as anything but? Moreover, what does its repeated use say about what it describes, and vice versa? If ‘crisis’ is nothing in-itself but rather a reaction to the breakdown or destruction of present systems, what methodologies could guide us in thinking, conceptualizing, and confronting something that is nothing in-itself but rather a process of witnessing the eventual destruction of the world as we know. It seems that while we continue to live in crisis, and moreover, are made to bear witness to crisis almost on daily basis, we lack critical apparatus to think crisis, to treat crisis as a critical category to navigate the rapidly changing world we live in. The question then is this: what does it mean to think “crisis,” when crisis is what would problematize or at least provoke thinking?

Symposium Schedule: Keynote Lecture + Graduate Student Panels Presentations

Keynote RSVP: https://forms.gle/45sPAVWprm3H9HNb9

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