Community Based Approach to Social Justice and Community Healing

Thursday, August 13 at 3:00pm to 4:30pm

This is a past event.
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The purpose of this community forum is to uplift the community members' voices with dignity, respect, and purpose. The dialog will proactively explore solutions to today’s challenge of ensuring social justice while highlighting the strengths of healing within and from the community to lead change. Cultivating awareness with community members and experts in the field of community restoration, the discussion will be in partnership with “Community”. By engaging in critical dialogue through a shared process of kinship and care, the community will provide insight as to what a true community safety and social justice approach can look like when the community is at the center of change. Featured guests: Lupita Carballo of Youth Justice Coalition-C/HOPE, Fabian Debora of Homeboy Industries, Aquil Basheer of P.C.I.T.I., and  Annalisa Enrile Community Organizer and Academic Researcher.

Facilitation: Robert A. Hernandez

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Lecture / Talk / Workshop, Event Highlights


Students, Alumni


University Park Campus



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