Apple Career Fair

Wednesday, April 7 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

This is a past event.
Virtual Event

 The University Recruiting team at Apple is hosting a three day series of online events focused on engaging and hiring students. Each day will have a different focus to allow your students to understand the Apple hiring process along with sharing their own personal stories with the team. The event will be hosted on the Hallo platform.

Apple Career Week

  • Day 1 (April 2nd): Concepts, Questions and Challenges 
    • Learn the basics of the tasks and challenges you’ll be facing in your first year, the questions you should ask when faced with a problem, and how to be effective while still learning the ropes.
  • Day 2 (April 5th): Tell your story 
    • How to use an engineering portfolio as a tool for engaging conversation. The workshop will focus on how to convert resume content into an engineering/design portfolio to help students stand out from other candidates during career events.
  • Day 3 (April 7th): Mechanical Engineering 
    • If it sounds odd there are mechanical engineers who work at a computer and electronics company, then you’ll be surprised! Come Hear a case study about the process and interplay between industrial design, fundamental engineering and physics.

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Apple Career Week

  • Day 1: Concepts, Questions and Challenges - April 2nd
  • Day 2: Tell your story - April 5th
  • Day 3: Mechanical Engineering - April 7th

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