Advances in Protein Science: Structure & Function, Engineering & Design

Friday, August 10, 2018 at 9:30am

This is a past event.

Amgen, Thousand Oaks, Conference Center, Building 24

A scientific conference and networking reception hosted by Amgen


Session 1: Protein Structure & Function

  • Keynote Address: “Amyloid Fibrils in Health and Disease”—David Eisenberg, Ph.D., UCLA
  • “The Future of Structural Biology: Electron Cryotomography”—Grant Jensen, Ph.D., Caltech
  • "Why are Proteins Methylated?"—Steven Clarke, Ph.D., UCLA
  • “Massively Parallel Functional Assays of G-Protein Coupled Receptors”—Sriram Kosuri, Sc.D., UCLA

Session 2: Protein Engineering & Design

  • Keynote Address: “Attacking the Cell Surface Proteome with Engineered Proteins”—Jim Wells, Ph.D., UCSF
  • “Designing Large Protein Assemblies: New Opportunities for Biotechnology and Medicine”—Todd Yeates, Ph.D., UCLA
  • “A Molecular Arms Race: The Immune System Versus HIV”—Pamela Bjorkman, Ph.D., Caltech
  • “Beyond ADCs—a New Generation of Chemically Modified “Designer” Antibodies”—Philip Tagari, Amgen
  • “Probody Therapeutics:  Antibody Prodrugs Designed to Enable Safer and More Effective Oncology Therapies”—Michael Kavanaugh, M.D., CytomX

Networking Reception with Poster Session to Follow

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