Advanced Manufacturing Seminar Series

Friday, September 25, 2020 at 10:00am to 11:30am

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Speaker: Dr. Qiming Wang, USC

Talk Title: Harness Natural Wisdom to Design 3D-Printed Bionic Materials

Abstract: Living creatures are continuous sources of inspiration for designing synthetic materials. However, living creatures are typically different from synthetic materials in two aspects: First, living creatures typically
feature sophisticated microstructures and architectures that are challenging to reproduce in traditional engineering practice. Second, living creatures consist of living cells to support their metabolisms, such as growth, regeneration, and remodeling, which are typically impossible in traditional synthetic materials. In this talk, by harnessing modern additive manufacturing technologies, dynamic chemistry, and/or living organisms, we report a series of 3D-printed bionic materials to imitate both architectures and metabolisms of living creatures. For example, with the aid of dynamic chemistry, 3D-printed lightweight structures can self-heal large-scale impact damages and fractures. With the aid of living bacteria, 3D-printed polymers can self-grow into structural composites with pre-designed microstructures. With the aid of living plant cells, 3D-printed
artificial trees can harness photosynthesis to self-remodel into multifunctional materials. 

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Viterbi School of Engineering
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