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Book Talk "John Okada: The Life & Rediscovered Work of the Author of 'No-No Boy'"

Join us as we hear from Frank Abe and Greg Robinson, co-editors of the book John Okada: The Life & Rediscovered Work of the Author of No-No Boy. No-No Boy, ...

2/1 12pm
Gender and the Japanese Bunjin (Literati): Haikai Poet Tagami Kikusha (1753-1826)

In contemporary Japan, membership in haiku groups is overwhelmingly female. However, in the early part of the Edo period (1603-1868), only 2-5% of poets...

2/14 12pm
"Chigo no sōshi:" A Homoerotic Handscroll of Five Buddhist Acolytes  from 14th-Century Japan

Daigoji nanshoku-e [Daigoji’s Illustrations of male-male love], more commonly known as Chigo no sōshi [A booklet of acolytes] (ca. 1321) is a collection of...

2/21 4:15pm
AMERICAN SUTRA- Book Talk by Duncan Williams in Conversation with Varun Soni

FLYER | RSVP Duncan Williams will speak about his new book American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom During the Second World War (Harvard University...

2/26 6pm
Japanese Female Immigration in the U.S. and U.K.: "Kensington," a Play by Velina Hasu Houston

How does one build a life for oneself in a country that you weren’t born in and didn’t grow up in? Such is the challenge for an immigrant, challenges that...

3/1 3pm

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