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Book Talk: "Dream of the Water Children" by Fredrick Cloyd

Join us as we hear from Fredrick Cloyd, author of the book Dream of the Water Children. Born to an African American father and Japanese mother, Frederick D....

10/3 4pm
Ono no Komachi: Rejuvenating One of Japan's Immortal Poets Via Film

Join us for a screening of an internationally award-winning short film, Tamara Ruppart’s Path of Dreams, inspired by a legend associated with ninth-century...

10/4 3pm
Film Screening of "Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue" and Post-Screening Q&A with Director Miki Dezaki

The “comfort women” issue is perhaps Japan’s most contentious present-day diplomatic quandary. Inside Japan, the issue is dividing the country across clear...

10/11 1pm
Gnashed Teeth and Gnawed Navels: the Poetry of Activists and Martyrs in Nineteenth Century Japan

A talk by Matthew Fraleigh (Brandeis University). During the tumultuous mid-nineteenth century, as Japan faced foreign incursions and domestic upheaval,...

10/22 4pm
Horizons of (Mis)communication between Chinese Chan and Japanese Zen

A talk by Prof. Jason Protass (Brown University). Buddhism flowed between the Chinese continent and Japan – by Japanese pilgrims, Chinese émigré monks,...

11/22 12:30pm

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