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We are a collaborative and multi-disciplinary effort working to translate the potential of stem cell research to the imperative of regenerative medicine.

Upcoming Events

USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Rajiv Tiwari from Joseph T. Rodgers' Lab Ksenia Gnedeva from Neil Segil's Lab

4/20 12pm
USC Stem Cell Seminar: Janet Rossant, University of Toronto/Duke University

Host: Qi-Long Ying Live webcast at

4/24 11am
USC/Amgen Seminar Series: Murielle Veniant, Amgen—“Therapeutic potential of FGF21”

FGF21, a member of the FGF19 subfamily, functions as an endocrine hormone to regulate glucose, lipid, and energy metabolism. FGF21 activates a unique dual...

4/26 11am
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Sathish Ganesan from Min Yu's Lab Albert Kim from Andy McMahon's Lab

4/27 12pm
USC Stem Cell Seminar: Maria Barna, Stanford University

Host: Andy McMahon Live webcast at

5/1 11am

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