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We are a collaborative and multi-disciplinary effort working to translate the potential of stem cell research to the imperative of regenerative medicine.

Upcoming Events

USC Stem Cell Seminar: Hongkui Deng, Peking University

Webcast at Host: Justin Ichida

3/28 11am
USC/Amgen Seminar: Chawita (Jelly) Netirojjanakul, Amgen—"Hybrid therapeutic discovery: A journey from academia to industry"

Hybrid molecules, obtained by the union of two or more entities of different biological or functional roles, could offer superior properties in comparison to...

3/29 11am
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Hua Shen from Henry Sucov's Lab Shihjye Tan from Bo Han's Lab

3/31 12pm
USC Stem Cell Special Seminar: Chris Armit, University of Edinburgh—"Understanding embryogenesis at eMouseAtlas"

eMouseAtlas develops tools and resources that enable high-end visualization of embryo data in the context of a web browser. These resources include a 3D...

4/3 3pm
USC Stem Cell Seminar: Rafi Kopan, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Webcast at Host: Francesca Mariani

4/4 11am

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