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Roski School of Fine Arts encourages interdisciplinary, progressive approaches to studio art, design, curatorial practice, and critical studies.

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Roski Talk: Dale Herigstad

This Roski Design Talk explores what graphic design means in the “post-screen” contexts of AR, VR, etc. Dynamic, interactive graphics in space. A bit about...

10/22 7pm

This new body of work from Panteha Abareshi provides a close examination of the body in agony. Entitled HIPAA VIOLATION, the exhibition explores the nuances...

10/28 8:30am
Roski Talk: Susan Silton

Artist Susan Silton will deliver the talk: And of course I am afraid, because the transformation of silence into language and action is an act of...

11/5 7pm
Roski Talk: Jeanne Vaccaro

Jeanne Vaccaro is a writer, curator, and teacher whose work explores the intersection of aesthetics and the history and theory of trans and queer life. Her...

11/12 7pm
Roski Graduate Info Session

The Graduate Information Sessions begin with a welcome and introduction to participating faculty from the three graduate programs. We then present an...

11/19 4pm

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