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The Office of Research invests in research initiatives and provides services that ensure that USC achieves the highest ethical standards in its research.

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USC Innovation Summit

The USC Innovation Summit is a new event at the University of Southern California that highlights USC research and innovations to the venture and investment...

3/27 8:30am
CER: Keeping Them Awake and Interested: Elements of Engaging Research

Mark R. Frey, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, CHLA Senta Georgia, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, CHLA When asked, many people say public speaking is...

3/29 12pm
CER: How to Obtain NIH Funding

Steven Moldin, Executive Director of Research Advancement, Office of Research The NIH invests nearly $37.3 billion a year to medical research, and more than...

4/3 12pm
CER: Using Dimensions to Find Collaborators, Identify Competitors, and Fully Understand Your Research Landscape

Silvia da Costa, Director of Faculty Research Relations, Office of Research David Hellard, Program Administrator, Research Office, School of Pharmacy Stacey...

4/9 1pm

There are volumes of research on cultural exchanges from the perspective of attendees. But what about host communities? Join CPD Director Jay Wang and CPD...

4/10 12pm

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