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The Office of Research invests in research initiatives and provides services that ensure that USC achieves the highest ethical standards in its research.

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CER: Developing Funded Research Programs

This workshop is designed for new USC investigators or those who are new to the process of creating a funded research program. Randolph Hall will talk about...

2/5 12:30pm
CER: Ethical Scientific Leadership: Eugenics to CRISPR

Scientists have applied their research in ways that help people as well as sometimes cause harm. Randolph Hall will examine how scientists in the past...

2/6 12:30pm
CER: Writing Compelling NSF Proposals

Paul Ronney has served on many NSF review panels and has read a lot of well-written (and not so well-written) proposals. In this workshop he will provide...

2/11 12:30pm
CER: Securing Corporate Funding for Your Research

In 2016, businesses provided $4.2 billion in academic research funding, largely directed toward life sciences and engineering. Michael Arciero will discuss...

2/19 12pm
CER: Obtaining Funding from Foundations

There are thousands of charitable foundations around the world looking to fund research — the challenge is finding the right one for you. Learn from Hossein...

2/25 12:30pm

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